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Because dapoxetine is still in development, there is no completely accurate analysis of what the side effects of dapoxetine will be, assuming it makes it to the market.

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There are three basic mechanisms involved in normal ante-grade ejaculationemissionexpulsionand orgasmand each of these components possesses separate neural pathwaysEjaculatory dysfunction can result from disruption of any point in this cascade of eventsSeveral recent studies have clarified some aspects of the physiology of ejaculationEmissionwhich begins with closure of the bladder neck to prevent retrograde flow of seminal fluid and sperm into the bladderrefers to the deposition of seminal fluid and sperm from the distal epididymisvas deferensseminal vesiclesand prostate into the posterior urethraWitt and Grantmyre 1993

Plasma concentration profiles of dapoxetine after administration of a single dose or multiple doses of dapoxetine 30 mgaand dapoxetine 60 mgbModi et al2006

AbbreviationsIELTintravaginal ejaculatory latency timePEpremature ejaculation.

Overall10of the men continued taking dapoxetine for the entire two yearsDiscontinuation rates increased over timeJust over a quarter of the men stopped therapy during the first monthIn 6 months79had stopped taking dapoxetineand by 24 monthsthe rate was 90

Dapoxetinea novel selective serotonin transport inhibitor for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

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with so much hype about dapoxetine it s easy to get carried away and hope that this is finally the cure you ve been waiting for.

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