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If you are a womando not take ribavirin if you are pregnantYou will need frequent pregnancy tests to make sure you are not pregnant while taking ribavirin.

Pegasys is supported by the most extensive development program ever undertaken for a hepatitis C treatmentPegasys has been studied in a variety of patient populationsincluding those with the most difficult to treat form of the diseasepatients with genotype 1 and with cirrhosisscarring of the liverPegasys is made when interferon alfa-2a undergoes the process of pegylation in which one or more chains of polyethylene glycolalso known as PEGare attached to another moleculeIn Pegasysa largebranchedmobile PEG is bound to the interferon alfa-2a molecule and provides a selectively protective barrierPharmacokinetic behavior of the end product depends on the length of the PEG and the nature of the link between the PEG and the proteinThe high molecular weight40 kilodaltonbranched PEG in Pegasys has been shown to provide sustained pegylated interferon alfa-2a exposure at clinically effective levels over the one-week dosing periodPegasys has been approved for use in more than 50 c ountriesincluding all European Union countries.

All medications work best when they are taken exactly as prescribed and directedThis means taking the medications in the right amount and at the right time for the entire time that your treatment lastsSkipping doses or stopping treatment altogether means that the treatment may not work as well and the chance of being cured is lower.

Ribavirinmanufactured by Pendopharm or AbbViehas been approved by Health Canada and is available in Canada.

9Herrine SBrown REsposito Set alEfficacy and Safety of Peginterferon Alfa-2a Combination Therapies in Patients Who Relapsed on Rebetron TherapyHepatology 200236(4Pt2359ALinks

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