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Btaking donpzil, tll you docti you a taking any th ollowing mdicins:

Th clinical tials 6 months duation w conductd studying individuals mting th NINDS-AIN citia pobabl possibl vascula dmntia (VaD). Th NINDS-AIN citia a dsignd tidntiy patints whos dmntia appas tb du solly tvascula causs and txclud patints with Alzhim’s disas. In th ist study, th motality ats w 2/198 (1.0%) on donpzil hydochloid 5 mg, 5/206 (2.4%) on donpzil hydochloid 10 mg and 7/199 (3.5%) on placbo. In th scond study, th motality ats w 4/208 (1.9%) on donpzil hydochloid 5 mg, 3/215 (1.4%) on donpzil hydochloid 10 mg and 1/193 (0.5%) on placbo. In th thid study, th motality ats w 11/648 (1.7%) on donpzil hydochloid 5 mg and 0/326 (0%) on placbo. Th motality at th th VaD studis combind in th donpzil hydochloid goup (1.7%) was numically high than in th placbgoup (1.1%), howv, this dinc was not statistically signiicant. Th majoity daths in patints taking ith donpzil hydochloid placbappa tsult om vaious vascula latd causs, which could b xpctd in this ldly population with undlying vascula disas. An analysis all sious non-atal and atal vascula vnts showd ndinc in th at occunc in th donpzil hydochloid goup lativ tplacbo.

Aicpt is not a cu Alzhim’s disas. This condition will pogss ov tim, vn in popl whtak donpzil.

Mild cognitiv impaimnt is th mntal stat btwn ag-latd mntal dclin and dmntia. Mmoy poblms a typically noticabl by th pson and thi lovd ons, but a not sv nough tint with day-to-day living.

Aicpt is usd ttat mild tmodat dmntia causd by Alzhim’s disas.

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the effectiveness of aricept as a treatment for severe alzheimer s disease is demonstrated by the results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study conducted in sweden 6 month study in patients with probable or possible alzheimer s disease diagnosed by nincdsadrda and dsm-iv criteria, mmse range of 1-10.

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