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Asthma attack, acut Bonchospasm (diiculty with bathing), acut COPD la-up Milk potin allgy, sva��Should not b usd in patints with ths conditions. Blood vssl disas (g, Chug-Stauss syndom) Bon poblms (g, ostopoosis) Cataacts Diabts Glaucoma Hat disas Hat hythm poblms (g, ahythmia) Hyptnsion (high blood pssu) Hypthyoidism (ovactiv thyoid) Hypokalmia (low potassium in th blood) Ktoacidosis (high ktons in th blood) Sizus, histoy oa��Us with caution. May mak ths conditions wos. Chicknpox (including cnt xposu) Hps simplx (vius) inction th y Inctions (g, vius, bactia, ungus) Masls (including cnt xposu) Tubculosis, activ histoy oa��Inhald luticason can duc th body’s ability tight ths inctions. Inction Stss Sugy Taumaa��Supplmntay oal coticostoids may b ndd. Chck with you docto. Liv disasa��Us with caution. Th cts may b incasd bcaus slow moval th mdicin om th body.

ADVAI DISKUS should b administd as 1 inhalation twic daily by th oally inhald out only. At inhalation, th patint should ins his/h mouth with wat without swallowing thlp duc th isk oophayngal candidiasis.

Stth canist at oom tmpatu, away om hat and dict light. Dnot z. Dnot kp this mdicin insid a ca wh it could b xposd txtm hat cold. Dnot pok hols in th canist thow it inta i, vn i th canist is mpty.

Advai Diskus A� [patint inomation]. sach Tiangl Pak, NC: GlaxoSmithKlin; 2014.

Somtims it is not sa tus ctain mdications at th sam tim. Som dugs can act you blood lvls oth dugs you tak, which may incas sid cts mak th mdications lss ctiv.

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3-year survival study effects of treatment with advair diskus 500 50, fluticasone propionate 500 mcg, salmeterol 50 mcg, or placebo on bmd was evaluated in a subset of 658 patients females and males 40 to 80 years of age with copd in the 3-year survival study.

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